Take Advantage of Our Fast-track Program

For our customers who need an extraordinary effort and find themselves pushed to the point that they need cooperation, Nixon Tool Co., Inc happily offers our Fast-track program.

Program Benefits

  • Immediate expediting – Group leaders expedite all job processes immediately and report to management

  • Fast-track shipping – Red alert sent out to procure materials and supplies, which may include trips to suppliers or UPS Next Day Air

  • Continuous status update – Communications on all progress, including notification to customer of completion time and shipping date

  • Earliest delivery possible – Our staff utilizes all necessary hours to forward your job at all stages to achieve the earliest possible delivery

  • Customer expectations – Although Nixon Tool Co., Inc is tenacious about on-time deliveries, emergency situations may require the fast-track service program, which could result in delivery in half the time.

Note: Fast-track jobs are based on the time and material that it takes to do the job.